Swansons Hungry Man TV Dinner – Chicken and Mashed Potatoes


Ronnie at the office often brings in a variety of TV dinners for lunch. He doesn’t seem to have any preference for any type of TV dinner whether it be a Healthy Choice TV Dinner, Lean Cuisine TV Dinner or the classic Swanson’s Hungry Man TV Dinner.

swanson hungry man tv dinner chicken and mashed potatoes

When it comes to TV Dinners though, Hungry Man is really the quintessential TV dinner. I mean what comes to mind when you purchase and consume a TV Dinner anyhow?

  • Apple cobbler desserts?
  • Convenience (i.e. laziness to cook)
  • Fried, Greasy pieces of meat (mystery or other varieties)
  • Being an absolute bum on the couch watching late night TV
  • 5 mins in the microwave for soggy food vs 45 mins in the oven for crispier chicken?

Hungry Man TV Dinners are all about large portions of food without any notions of being healthy. After all do ‘hungry men’ actually care about calories, carbs or fat intake?

Hungry Man TV Dinners – What about the taste?
Well unless you have a craving for stale airline food or like to eat meat with shards of ice crystals, you really can’t expect an ultra gourmet meal out of a Hungry Man TV Dinner. It’s just a quick fix to get you food while you veg in front of the TV.

TV Dinner Hungry man
This Hungry Man TV Dinner had 2 white meat chicken steaks with mashed potatoes, a side of corn and a chocolate brownie.

Except check out this brownie on this Hungry Man TV Dinner:
TV Dinner Swansons Hungry Man Brownie

It’s got chunks of corn inside the brownie!!! What a sick joke by the people of Swansons.
Haha!!!! I Love it!!!


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  1. Linda Grossman says:

    What a terrible mess. Purchased you Bonesless fried chicken, Hungry
    Man Dinner. Chicken buries in mashed potatoes, so it never criped
    Brownie and corn mixed. Picture shows 3 large piece of chicken,
    however on 2 small pieces in box. Enough though for the garbabe
    can. Will never puchase Swanson’s again.

  2. I'm hungry, but not for that says:

    Picture 3 reminds me of what food looks like after it has been eaten. In other words, it looks like someone has corn in their poop.

  3. darcy says:

    i opened up my dinner and it was the most rotten taste ever. it was
    spoiled beyond belief. It was dated best before sept.2006 but was spoiled
    and bad.

  4. Mike says:

    The above comments sum it up nicely. you don’t get 3 pieces of chicken and the brownie looks like they scraped it off someones lawn! not very flavorful either. third piece of chicken probably got mixed in with the brownie. if it did I wouldn’t be able to taste the diffrence. I guess that’s what I get for not cooking dinner myself, huh?

  5. Hugh Anderson says:

    Why do you put so much salt in your chicken/beef/vegetable broths? I have high blood pressure and one can of your stuff gives me enough salt for a month. Cheers, Hugh

  6. candice says:

    wow, i really like the tv dinners. and i’m dieting. the taste to me was good and i got my fill. but to each his own.

  7. Kathy Langhorst-Tienter says:

    We had the Bar-B-Que chicken. It was too spicy and salty. Why do you always put corn as the veggie? This dinner made me so very sick to my stomach for days. Why don’t you make a Hungry Man/Woman dinner for dieters? People who are diabetic and with high blood pressure need to have dinners they can eat that are convenient for them as well with the amount your dinners have to offer. Brownie is a joke. We always have to spoon it our like pudding. Thank you.

  8. danatureboy says:

    I like the sports beer battered with cheese fries. I don’t know about the other ones, but this one is good with a beer watching the game. Plus, they do give you the option of conventional oven cooking.

  9. Corina says:

    I used to like eating tv dinners once in a while, they used to be of decent quality food. But I bought a hungry man dinner and well theres a bunch of corn mixed in with the brownie adn who the hell likes chocolate corn. Second the meat quality is not as good anymore, when I went to check on my food in the oven i went to flip the chicken and it broke in half and im like real meat doesnt just break apart like soggy bread. Waste of money!

  10. tabby says:

    wow…some people are REALLY REALLY STUPID!!!for one i just have to clear up the part with the chicken…the box shows 2 pieces of chicken….one piece is cut to show the white meat…dumb asses..im sure they could package it with one cut…just so its less confusing..i guess some people need MORE then a picture!! anyways…as with everything, some are good..some are not so good…get over it…dont like it…get your lazy ass in the kitchen and cook!!!

  11. Alvis says:

    Actually, there’s just two chicken steaks on the box, the second one’s had the end cut off and placed next to it. Also where the hell can get hold of these tasty looking treats in the uk?

  12. Carol says:

    I have been a Swansons customer for 35 years and have always realized that it was a convenience first and foremost though I was always pleased with the product as a whole. In the past year, your quality control has sucked. I will NEVER buy one of your dinners if they have that @@#$#@ brownie in it! If it is in its little cubbyhole and if it does rise and not become 2 or 3 spoonfulls of pudding, it is impossible to get out the way your cleverly written instructions state. Sincerely, almost gone as a customer

  13. Barb says:

    I buy alot of the Hungry man TV dinners, it sure would be nice to have some coupons.

    Thank you, Barb

  14. cory says:

    i truly believe that the colonel has nothing on swansons chicken-i dream of having it by the bucket.

  15. mike says:

    I have been eating swansen tv dinners for 45 yrs.They suck now and I refuse to waste my money, I pay more for Marie Callender,and Boston Market,but its worth it. I wouldnt feed swansen to my dog.

  16. Jeff Kiech says:

    Today I opened my last Hungry Man. For months my wife has been sending me to work with these frozen dinners for my lunch but today I have had enough! Oce opened I found the brownie mixed with the mashed potatoes and the barbaque sauce in the brownie and yes the Corn in my brownie DID look like it had already been digested and pooped it out.
    This is not the first time this has happened to me but it WILL be the last.

  17. Hoofie Cocks says:

    I opened my hungry man dinner only to find my brownie exploded all over my dinner. I was already six beers in and so driving to pick up take out was out of the question. Thank you Swanson for making me starve.

    Hoofie Cox.

  18. Chevy says:

    I’m not terribly shocked from some of the comments, but I just had a Hungry Man and it was edible. I actually enjoyed it. I’m not comparing it to anything great but it is enjoyable if you can overlook the fact that it is just a Hungry Man.

    I’m even surprised myself because I had one of the salisbury steak ones, with mashed potatoes, some green vegetables and some kick ass apple raspberry cobbler.

  19. glenda landry says:

    My husband had your hungry mans chicken and found plastic in his chicken..when did you start serving plastic with your food. I am a big fan of yours but not with this kind of funky stuff in the food. please respond to this , it was gross..

  20. Swansons current factory worker says:

    Yes, I work at swansons and I can tell you everything. The company is union so the company can’t fire any lazy people. The meat placers don’t care about what the dinners look like. They don’t care if the meat looks as if it was bitten into. They don’t pay attention to the vegies in the brownies. I see half those dinners go out with veggies under the dessert. Other problems are. . .are you ready. . .blue plastic in the chicken, and the clear plastic not all the way sealed, ripped, or burned. I see that some employees never wash thier hands. The USDA is only there half the time, other wise he’s at another factory. I heard a rumor – a lady puked in the Pot Pie gravy mix. The line runs 200-300 trays/min. and they get paid 10-13/hour. I encorge people to call and complain because it is a really bad factory to work and I fell sorry for those people who do get dinners like this. I’m only one worker and can’t change everything myself. P.s. the beer batter chicken might make you sick because they stick together going though the oven thus not cooking all the way.

  21. Swansons management says:

    To Swansons (ex)Current Factory Worker: UR fired.
    Yes, we know it’s you, Pat.
    To Swansons Customers: Please don’t call us with your minor complaints, such as any of the following:
    -any broken/eaten food
    -missing meat/brownie
    -meals with spit/hair/teeth/nail/plastic
    whatever u decide don’t cook because swanson customers aren’t all that smart. . .or is it swansons food kills brain cells with our furry meats, secret ingrediants, and our “10 hour rule”

  22. David Renderos says:

    Just finished eating one, usually there is corn all in the brownie but this time the brownie was all over the chicken too. usually


  23. David Renderos says:

    mmm, pot pie gravy with bonus puke

  24. Dime says:

    I can’t believe how many people think this is some kind of feedback section for Swansons.


  25. Monique says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Iwas wondering why you dont have the apple dessert in your frozen dinners anymore? Isure enjoy having that for a dessert.

  26. hungry man says:

    hungry man is fine all you bitches get over it buy a new tv dinner dumb asses

  27. hungry man says:

    foget what i said i just have a hungry man and there was fries in my brownie sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. hungry man says:

    their was a hair in my chicken it was nasty i going to sued swanson for all the sick stuff they do to the TV dinners like the corn in brownie SEE YOU IT COURT SWANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hungry man says:

    F#$@ you swanson your sick bastards

  30. Marie says:

    Claim Jumper dinners are MUCH better. Only when comparing to other tv dinners, of course. There’s no comparison to real homecooked food.

  31. Candy says:

    Now I really hope that wasn’t actually Swansons Management, that is just sick! I’m doing a project on Hungry Man Dinners and need a bit more feed back so basicly what are the best and the worst things about the Dinners and how do they compare to other TV dinners. I do not have any affiliation with Swanson I am a college student to contact me see my site http://www.jonstolemyyoghurt.tk

  32. Betty says:

    I purchased two very expensive meat loaf dinners yesterday for my son and myself. No wonder they’re called HUNGRY MAN: The food is awful and nor do you get what they represent on the package!!! Yes, we had meat loaf, but, with each piece I had, the other was in my sons dinner!!! They give you half a meat patty on each of the three patties. The worst part, after being disappointed with the meat, the flavor was as if I had gravy on the box!! Will never purchase again. I wonder why they don’t offer your money back if not satisfied?

  33. melissa says:

    Dudes, this guy isn’t the spokesman of Swansons. If you want to complain to them directly, direct your “Your product tastes like blah blah blah” messages to Swansons. This is just a review of the dinner by somebody not affiliated with them!

    That said, the fried chicken dinners with a brownie were my ultimate comfort foods when I was little. My mother thought I was crazy. Looking back… um, I guess I was for eating those things, but the brownie was really tasty, at least.

  34. Bryan says:

    If you have a issue with a quality control issue with hungry man, just contact them like I did they will make it right. I just provided the details from the box, they were fair they sent me a coupon for a free hungry man meal.

  35. Denise says:

    I eat Hungry-Man dinners for lunch quite often, but today I tried the Buffalo Chicken Strips, and I’m not so sure that its all white meat? But I do like the popcorn fish a lot. And I agree with others, why don’t you ever have coupons.

  36. georgette says:

    the corn was seriously the only tasty thing.

  37. Gladys Hill says:

    I purchased your Swans Hungary Man Chicken Dinner, and I will tell you it was such a mess inside, the Brownie had melted and was all over the chicken and the potatoes, the only edible thing in the whole tray was the corn. Why don’t you put a cover over the desert. Also why did it run all over was it thawed and refrozen, did the store receive it in a thawed condition and refroze it or why had the chocolate brownie melted and run over the complete top. I am very disgusted, paid a lot for this dinner need to report for safety sake, maybe it was thawed and the desert melted and ran over everything and then it was re frozen in that state. I wonder how safe this food is and does the public know if items are refrozen. Very concerned.
    Gladys Hill

  38. Irma Bryant says:

    I thought I was doing something good when I purchased a dinner but it turned out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. I purchased a bar-b-que with mashed potatoes corn and a brownie. What an awful mess. The brownie was mixed in with corn and mashed potatoes and it tasted like it was burned, the meat, like rubber, the corn and mashed potatoes taste as if was old and dry. No thanks hungry man, ever time I see your commercial, I share it with my friends.

  39. Stretch Carter says:

    Hungry Man!!! Yep, thats what I was when I got done eating it. My wife saw the commericals and decided to buy them for my lunches. What kind of a person gets filled up on just one of those? I don’t know, maybe I’m a mutant or something, but one pound of anything isn’t going to put a dent in my hunger (even when I’m not all that hungry). Maybe they should follow Gary Larson’s lead from The Far Side and come up with a Glutton Man meal……. They’d have to send me a whole bunch of coupons…… I could easily do three if not four of those meals and not think anything about it…… I will admit though, corn wasn’t in my brownie, and besides the hefty salty taste, it was pretty decent tasting (just not nearly enough food)…

  40. Donna Lee Cochrane says:

    Well, my husband had one of your hungry mans t.v. dinner & loves them all but not enough mashed potatoes so maybe ommit the dessert & add more potatoes or make some like that so that’s his intake on it & i have to agree as i love them all but the same, not enough mashed potatoes, love those mashed potatoes!!!!!


  41. Malcom Halley says:

    I DONT UNDERSTAND I LOVE HUNGRY MAN dinnners. why you all make fun of these nutrious and delicious meals. you all make me sick,,,

  42. Hungryman says:

    I love HungryMan meals.
    I’m basically obsessed with them.
    Only the Chicken one though.
    I can’t eat it all so I just eat the chicken + potatoes.

    All I can say to all these haters leaving bad comments..

    We can totally beat ’em. πŸ˜€

  43. Terry Waite says:

    Guess I’m not the only one with brownie in the mix I actually had three meals like that.
    The grandson said it was good but different.

  44. John Hill says:

    I’m tired of corn in Brownies. Why don’t you omit Brownie. You should insure that retailed keeps product frozen. Breownie and corn were mixed with Chicken and potatoes a real mess.

  45. brandon hood says:

    I just had a hungry-man Meal before I came to my computer to do my Project. I’m doing a French Project And i’m making a vending machine. I thought why not do it on hungry man meals?!? (my Friend lucas Blair gave me the idea!!!)what a guy!
    Anywho, so i come to get pics of hungry man’s and i can’t just not relize these nasty, nasty complaints. sure, most hungryman meals have corn with the brownie. but hey suck it up.
    I know i wear a hungryman shirtaround with pride!!!

    Plus hungry man sponsored my hockey team for a few years. can’t go wrong!

    And another thing you can’t go wrong with a hungry man for only a $1.99 at the superstore!

    \Thanks Swanson I don’t Know What i would do without your hungry man meals?

    sincerely, your biggest fan!
    Bran don

    p.s. I am one hungry-man! all my pants are thanksgiving Pants

  46. brandon hood says:

    darn it!!!
    SARY! I forgot to add this to my last reply:
    one word describes the awesome taste of hungry-man’s:
    IT’s nutz!!!


  47. Tabi says:

    I think Hungry Man is great compared to a lot of the tv dinners, and they actually fill me up. I buy their meals all the time & I have never had corn in my brownie, nor does the brownie get all over my other food…probably because I read the directions on the box! If you don’t like Hungry Man then don’t buy it. Also, that’s two pieces of chicken you idiots!

  48. John Capuano says:

    I just bought 5 boxes of Hungrey Man, but had to throw-out all 5 boxes in my trash-can because all the dinner inside of them all got combined in one. It was just a plain glob of a mess. I couldnt even eat any of them, and wasted all of my money. I always buy these tv dinners, and NEVER seen them like this before. How did these 5 boxes get mixed up in one piece ? Please write me back. THANKS
    John R. Capuanp
    1542 McKean Street
    Philadelphia. PA. #19145-3006
    E-mail address: singledad755@earthlink.net

  49. CHERYL says:

    my husband loves the hunger man dinners, but the only time i can afford them is when they go on sale.

  50. Steve chanler says:

    there was a problem with one of the tv dinners I got.for some reason the chicken was raw and I dont know how that was possible so I kept the food in the freezer and contacted the company and so I had a visit with the director, and we talked for awhile about the problem and he was telling me there was a recall on the products and they werent suppost to be sold and so all the shipments were returned except for a few so now I get a year supply for free.lucky me.

  51. Linda Rivas says:

    Does Swanson still make the Hungry-man Dinners? I can’t find the name on the box anymore

  52. Keith says:

    I’ve eaten the dinners for a few years now and enjoy them, I don’t really care that sometimes the food is mixed up. It’s all going to the same place, so whats the difference. I personally find the Turkey and mashed potatoes , the buffalo style chicken very good.

  53. Thomas says:

    I just had the one shown with 2 pieces of white meat boneless chicken, brownie, corn, and potatoes and thought that it satisfied my momentary hunger. I believe that it is an excellent value for what it is and what it does… which is to fill the hungry man. No complaints and just 2 thumbs up for this great quick fix.

  54. nanner says:

    I tried this chicken dinner for the first time tonight. Very appetizing picture, price was OK at $2.92. It was a fast and easy TV dinner, and quite tasty too. Corn wasn’t in my brownie, only a few kernels had fallen into my potatoes. Two thumbs up from me too.

  55. Richard Zrudsky says:

    Just a comment. Tried your THREE (3) piece chicken dinner. First one I ever tried.

    It will be my last one. Only it had two pieces in the HUNGRY MAN dinner. Since when does two small pieces of chicken make a meal?

    You got me once But you wont get a second chance to sell me anything.

  56. biot3ch says:

    What a surprise, more than half of these comments are from women. laff. Go rant on something where YOU are the demographic…

  57. dave c. says:

    I haven’t had a Hungry Man until recently ( several months) and every single one of the dinners (turkey & chicken breast) seemed to be defrosted at some point then refrozen. I must say i bought these dinners on and off for many years, and i don’t recall them beinf as bad as they are now. About 3 weeks ago i got deathly sick from eating a hungry man and i promised myself i’d never purchase another one. Well, being me, i gave them another chance. At this very moment i have a turkey dinner that i heated up, even though the food is scattered about. Corn in desert, gravy leaking out sides of dinner and on potatoes (gee i think the company can put a bit more mash potato in the dinners, but back to my problem. i tasted the dinner and it had the most awful taste. So, me being me, said maybe it’s just the gravy. So i tried the potato desert and no kidding, it was terrible.That was the last straw i am so afraid of getting deathly sick again from eating these dinners I don’t understand how these dinners get in the condition they get in. Could be when they leave the factory the flimsy plastic covering loosens so when packaging it flies over the other food. I must say it isn’t very appealing to the eye, like the box shows us, but more importantly who wanrs to get so sick u want to die from eating something ? I always used these dinners as i was cooking dinner to hold me off till my dinner was cooked, and my child liked them also. But for the last several months i am getting more and more disillousioned about this company getting their act together. I’m really disappointed cause the taste wasn’t bad years ago, and it did work for me as more a snack than a dinner. I’m sure i will not buy them anytime soon, but after a while i just might try them again. Maybe i’m a glutton for punishment, i really don’t know lol..ty for listening, and plz plz Hungry Man take more care in the making and the refrigeration of the dinners. I’m sure you don’t want loads of sick people on your hands.

  58. Lynn Emerich says:

    I can’t get onto the Hungry man web site to compain, so maybe this will help.
    I just tried to eat a hungry man beef pot roast dinner. This is one of the worst meals I have ever tried to eat. Microwaving it as per instructions, the brownie was still all liquid. Another half minute almost had it done. The beef was so tough there was no way I could chew it. The veggies were still almost like raw. Even with the rediculous amount of salt, there was hardly any taste at all. The tiny amount of mashed potatoes were at least edible, but not tasty. The brownie was more like a pudding, but at least had a little taste to it. At least my dogs got some chewing exercise from the beef that I couldn’t eat.


  59. MISTER SHAW says:


  60. Gluttony says:

    Say what you want about Hungry Man dinners, but THEY GOT BEEF AND RICE IN BOURBON SAUCE!

  61. Kenn says:

    After reading the comments of everyone else, I have to agree with many of them. There’s probably very little if any quality control at all. Yes there needs to be an “XTRA-HUNGRY MAN” portion as well so we can pay even more for crappola-on-a-tray! Is there any company out there that serves-up a more “quality” menu of crap?
    Swanson, as a “leader” in the field could and should try and clean-up their act…kinda hard to do because of all of the money they keep taking to the bank! Coupons?…WHAT THE HELL??? Pay the full price for that delicious under-cooked/frozen/re-thawed/re-frozen delight!

  62. Beans McLoaf says:

    Hungry-Man is the best TV dinner I have ever had. The grilled steak in bourbon sauce is AWESOME! I also love the sports grill ones with the cheese fries.

    the commercial is hilarious too. YEA HUNGRYMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  63. RAY ALBRIGHT says:

    PRODUCT CODE SEP2009 06168 P-138 4 2116

  64. Simon Dang says:

    OMG, I am sorry for that (and your dog). What is going on with Hungry Man TV dinners?

  65. Don Reid says:

    I just heated up a second Hungryman Country Fried Beef Patties. The grave is the same in both of these and it’s not like the heavy gravy you get in a regular restaraunt. It is more like soup or water. I thought that the first time I heated one up, I may have made a mistake in reading the instructions for microwave. But I was careful the second time and the gravy is the same, very watery.
    Is this the way it is suppose to be?

  66. Gary and Naomi says:

    We used to think Hungry man dinners were very good. Now I see that you have quite putting meat into your Mexican Fiesta dinners. If I wanted beans and rice with some sauce I’m sure I could find it a lot cheaper and make it myself. Also, is the only dessert you have “brownies”… Well, you can be assured that you have lost a customer who used to buy several of your meals each month. No more, I can assure you.

  67. styckymess says:

    what do you expect you ubertard, it’s processed junk!

  68. s.c. edmondson says:

    After having read the comments about Hungry Man Dinners both pro & con I have these comments:
    I’ve been eating tv dinners for approximately 45 yrs and con honestly say that the Hungry Man Turkey Dinner is the best turkey dinner on the market. I also enjoy the Salsbury Steak and also the Chicken dinners. As to the presence of, or mixing of the dinner components, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that probably all of this is due to careless handling during transportation after leaving the plant in a frozen state. At some point the dinners are becoming partially thawed, allowing jostling around to toss a few kernals of corn or green beans over into the dessert section next to it. They end up in frozen storage at a distribution center and are then transferred to the final sales point where it is transferred to the frozen food storage freezer and later to the display freezers. If thats not enough to shake up any brand of tv dinner then one can only assume then that its some vast left wing conspiracy!

  69. Matt says:

    Speaking from experience, Hungry Man TV dinners are among the best, most satisfying TV dinner known to man. I started with Kid Cuisine, moved on to Banquets, but graduated to the mother of all TV dinners: Hungry Man. The Turkey dinner is amazing, my first bite of the stuffing was easily a mental landmark, a highlight of my career. The beef steak patty, whatever it’s called, is some of the best meat I have ever tasted. And the brownies–well, nothing beats the brownies. Sure, as a brownie they’re great, but the real treat? Eating them frozen. Yep, before you put your delicious feast in the microwave, eat the brownie first. It is truly magnificent. I’ve had other dinner brownies and they just can’t compare to what Hungry Man brings to the table. If you want a great meal, look no further than Hungry Man.

  70. Dreamery says:

    Lol u stupid bitc*, HUNGRY MAN DINNERS ARE THE. FUC*ING. BOMB. BITCH!??!!??!?! shiy….. man i JUST HAD THE HUNGRY MAN BEER BATTERED CHICKEN AND CHEESE FRIES THAT SHI* WAS TIGHT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! lol at this stupid bitc* complaining about hungry man dinners, do us a favor and shut the fuck up, the dinners not for skinny bitches. PARTY ON HUNGRY MAN DINNER!!!!!!!

  71. alfredc says:

    HEY I JUST ATE ONE OF THESE AFTER I FINISHED WORKING OUT…I MEAN MAN…THIS THING HAS LIKE CLOSE TO 40 G O PROTEIN! MORE THAT A PROTEIN SHAKE…I love these..well some but the fillets are soggy ..id recommend the classic chicken not the boneless…but this is has 1000 cal. per meal…. 2 of these and your done for the day…..

  72. JOE says:

    if you cant get full of a hungry man then you are a obese man

  73. rayman says:

    My wife keeps packing these sorry hungry-man dinners for me for lunch,They should call them hungry little bitch dinners they wont fill up anyone. help!!!!!!!!!!

  74. saul says:

    I dont know what is wrong with you people but if you have nothing better to do than blog about hungry man dinners you all need to get a life!

  75. rayman says:

    Please ask my wife not to pack hungry little bitch dinners anymore.

  76. Melissa says:

    All of these comments kind of surprised me, because I’ve NEVER had a problem with the Hungry Man TV Dinners. Granted, it’s not the best food in the world, but it isn’t bad, either. The only thing different that I do is I NEVER, EVER microwave them. I always follow the oven instructions instead, because it just turns out better (and more palatable) that way.

    1. chad says:

      exactly. way better in the oven! i’ve never had a problem either…YAY =)

  77. chad says:

    i used to microwave these dinners a long time ago, and i had the same thing happen. i’d have overcooked and undercooked parts of the meal. i got rid of my microwave 3 years ago, and i’ve cooked them in a small toaster oven ever since. they always turn out amazing.
    but at work you don’t get enough time to put them in the oven. arrrgh.

  78. rayman says:

    Hey Joe! I got something that will fill you up bitch!!!!!!!!! wrap your lips around this!!!!!!!!!

  79. Billy Bob. says:

    ROFL. I am disgusted that so many people regard this shit as food. It ain’t, its disgusting processed crap – in about 10-15 years you’re all gonna get colo-rectal cancer and weigh about 400lbs.

    Only in America.

  80. john erickson says:

    If there were a decent woman left in this world.. And those women know who they are most men wouldn’t need to work to death just to earn a crappy microwave dinner for themselves after a hard day of earning cash for a woththless wife. That said women.. Keep voting and earning new shoes and couches while the men keep eating poor food and serving up dollars for whiney lazy women.

  81. Dessert love says:

    Just an FYI for those of you who complained the brownie was like pudding…if you read the box, the meal is actually supposed to come with chocolate pudding! What freaks me out is that the chocolate pudding cooks into something like a brownie. It’s like a Frankenstein hybrid.

  82. jamman says:

    Got a new name for the hungryman dinner. lets call it the “Im still hungry man dinner” These dinners couldnt fill a little babys stomach much less a grown man and hey Joe I think think Rayman is right wrap your lips around this that ought to fill that void!!!!!!!!!!

  83. barry says:

    Hey joe and chad Just want to let you know that rayman has been eating hungry little bitch dinners for a while now and his work production has dropped by 75% he also looks like he is waisting away do you think they can make a 2 pound I sure as hell aint hungry now man dinner.

  84. billy bob says:

    You reckin I can get some musterd with them french fried taters

  85. aaamazzarite says:

    just shuddup and eat the dam thing

  86. Lamar says:

    Im a painter by trade and have found a new use for your mashed potatoes, I patch walls here at work with them they seem to sink a little but are fine after the second coat. sure ashell cant eat them !

  87. rayman says:

    Just had a large serving of your mashed brownie intrusion combo, WoW I think It just passed into my socks but I cant tell it still looks like it did going in. I think the peanuts are a welcome addition. Kudos Hungry man you got me again and Joe you can still wrap your lips around this my friend.

  88. jdude says:


  89. Brittany says:

    I used to love Hungry Man dinners until 15 minutes ago. I had the white meat roasted and carved turkey…the Turkey had disgusting spots and fat and mold on it!!! And before I saw that I took a big bite of mashed potato and it was chunky yet extremely watered down….like watery oatmeal…I threw it all up. Ugh!

  90. rayman says:

    Hey Joe ! how the hell are ya ! Still eatin these sorry little bitch dinners, Check out marie callenders frozen meals they fill you up obese man.

  91. Criss says:

    I cannot believe that I am the only person in the world who actually likes a little corn cooked in the brownie…also,if you microwave the chicken meals for a few minutes then cook them in the oven til the chicken is crisp,it really improves the texture, plus you save 10 or so min of cooking time.These are not home cooked meals by any stretch,but when pressed for time ya cannot beat them for two bucks on sale.Cannot find the meals with cheese fries anymore,though.

  92. lonnie says:

    I kindly like these dinners and in access of reality they will fill man up,and Joe you can still wrap your lips around what rayman has for you! Enjoy Joe

  93. Carl says:

    I was up one late night and was very hungry, all I had in my freezer was a “smokin backyard barbeque” hungry man. I decided to eat it so I put it in the oven for 30 minutes like it said then after it cooled I ate it. After 3 bites my stomach started hurting soo bad I wanted to vomit but I didn’t want to puke because then I would have to taste it again. It was the worste peice of garbage to ever be called “food” I don’t know how people eat these.

  94. Butch says:

    Hey Joe How you been Im only 5ft tall and have taken Raymans place now you can wrap your lips around my hungry man parts.Rayman is no longer with us got put away after beating his wife for sending too many little bitch dinners Does this bring back memories Joe ?

  95. Butch says:

    Matt are you still head of marketing at Swanson you must be if you think that shit is the best meat you ever tasted or you have to taste my meat with a frozen brownie

  96. Ibod Catooga says:

    The Hunger Mange’s dinners will lave you gaping for air over a ttoilet with buttholes on fire. Do not eat unless stranged in space or in Mauritania. Then eat.

  97. Joseph Stallner says:

    Hungry man gave my @ss food poisoning. The “chicken filet”. I guess I’m not hungry anymore.. And uhh Joe I got something for you to snack on if you’re still hungry?

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