Spicy City Chinese Food Restaurant San Diego CA Convoy Street


While there isn’t an official chinatown in San Diego there is Convoy Street (its seems like its more like Korea town nowadays). On this street, you can get your hands on some great authentic food here. Personally I think Spicy City is one of the most authentic restaurants in terms of Beijing / Northern cuisine.

After work one day I went out to dinner with Martin, Rolando, Thanh, and Stan for some nice spicy food:

One of the jokes of the meal was not to read the description below the names on the menu. Check this out:
Appetizer: Husband and Wife

But it really is good – the beef and the tripe are marinated with a spicy sauce that has a hint of sweetness.

One of the best dishes was the Braised Fish:

Yue Xiang Rou Pian:

Ma Yi Shang Shu or “ants climbing trees” is a noodle dish with spicy pieces of pork:

Here’s our overall menu:
spicy city restaurant. convoy street san diego, california


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