Night Train Brass Monkey Alize’ Street Wine Alcohol


Night Train Express +
Brass Monkey +
Alize’ Wine Alcohol +
Menthol Cigs :
= A great night but a horrible day after.

On the way to a friendly game of Texas Hold’em Poker at Martin’s, Jeff and I stopped by a liquor store on Mira Mesa Blvd – just past Black Mountain Road near the Jack in the Box. We were trying to decide on what types of beers to pick up when Jeff spotted the MD 20/20 (Mad Dog) Right next to it were 2 other classics. Night Train Express and Thunderbird.

night train express and Thunderbird  wine alcohol

Basically it went downhill from there.

First all, to really know Night Train Express Alcohol is to listen to the insightful lyrics of Axl Rose of Guns and Roses about this legendary street wine.

night train express wine alcohol. . . Loaded like a freight train
Flyin’ like an aeroplane
Speedin’ like a space brain
One more time tonight

I’m on the nightrain
And I’m lookin’ for some
I’m on the nightrain
So’s I can leave this slum
I’m on the nightrain
And I’m ready to crash an’ burn
Bottoms up
I’m on the nightrain
Fill my cup
I’m on the nightrain

Whoa yeah
I’m on the nightrain
Love that stuff
I’m on the nightrain
An I can never get enough
Ridin’ the nightrain
I guess I
I guess, I guess, I guess I never learn . . .

Priced at $1.99, Night Train Express is powerful wine alcohol made of cheap red wine with toxic sulfites. Don’t let the 17.5% alcohol content fool you, once you drink Night Train Express you’re on a one way express train ride to severe stupidity and stumbling drunkenness. Once you unleash this beast, there’s no going back to sanity or soberness for some time. Yeah Axl, I guess I never learn.

At this fine liquor store establishment were other street wine classics such as Alize’ and Brass Monkey which we were delighted to pickup to accompany the Night Train.

The Lineup

The entertainment line up for the poker party was as follows (I don’t know why the Thunderbird or MD20/20 didn’t make it) – Sorry no Newports for whatever reason.:
brass monkey night train alize menthol cigarettes

The Taste

I would have to say the alize’ tasted the “best” of the three. “Hit Em Up” Tupac! The brass monkey was kind of like sour gatorade and the night train was like a sweetened vinegar with an Everclear like throat numbing aftertaste.
Night Train Express Wine AlcoholOne interesting note about Night Train is that it specifically states on the bottle to Serve very cold . I guess this is to ensure that you don’t taste the vile aftertaste of the cheap wine (it is definitely more “palatable” cold than warm) I would never recommend anyone to drink Night Train at room temperature for sure. Doesn’t it look great next to the Tabasco and Kraft Mayo?

Needless to say I don’t remember much after wards. I played horribly at poker that night, lost everything, and had an epic hangover the next day. There was one kid there named Denver and he showed us all how it was done. Here’s a picture of him killing off a bottle of Brass Monkey. I heard latter on that he was supposed to wake up at 6Am for work the next day but didn’t crawl out till the afternoon.
Denver killing a bottle of Brass Monkey
The Man Denver Killing Off A Bottle of Brass Monkey.

Who’s bringing the Thunderbird, Cisco and MD 20 next week?


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  1. Alan Wong says:

    That is the most amazing entry I’ve seen yet. I love GNR, I love Axl Rose, I love Night Train. Good God, you could not have written on anything better than that.

  2. Ursula Bielski says:

    Been looking for Night Train for years here in Chicago. Been to places with four flabors of Mad Dog, but no Night Train. Can you send us some? Bring us some?

  3. Vicky says:

    just pokin around looking for some info on Night Train Express. My in-laws (very old) shed was destroyed by Katrina and we’ve been tearing it down. I came across a green bottle with a black label of Night Train Express and was wondering how old it might be. You guys sound out of control!

  4. scott says:

    Dude, I’m having an 80’s party in Tampa, and have seached HIGH and low for a bottle of Brass Monkey. Could you tell me where you found it and what city and state? Thanks! Scott

  5. Ray says:

    Where did you find the bottle of brass monkey I have been searching for that stuff since i was 20 I am 44 now please give me a site or store i can call.

  6. julio says:

    Yo my name is julio and the night train no joke here in my town I got everybody hooked all u do is kill thw wine to the neck and add kool aid man its of the chains.

  7. Erica says:

    On Christmas day my uncle stated the best he could have gotten was a bottle of brass monkey. So I on a mission to find this. Could you please help me.

  8. jason says:

    hahaha…nighttrain…we get that shit on the regular here in cayman…fun stuff

  9. brad says:

    Whew… I was jonesin’ for some liquor tonight, but my only option was a convenience store. After carefully scanning the options (cheap Chardonnay, 20/20, Thunderbird, etc.), I opted for Night Train, cuz it was cheap and contained a whopping 17.5% alcohol, and, let’s face it, I wanted the alcohol!! The 20/20s looked suspiciously thick, viscous, and syrupy to me, so I hopped a ride on the Night Train Express (more clear and watery)!! I’m now 1/2 way through the bottle and feeling a little happy!! And it doesn’t taste any worse than my usual concoction of Gatorade (pick your flavor) and Vodka (electrolytes are VERY important, you know, and I CAN’T STAND Red Bull)! Yet, there’s this weird, trippy sensation that comes with it, too, along with a bonus SULFITE rush! So tonight I cut off about 3 years from my life, but I think, in a desperate moment similar to tonight, I just MAY hop another ride on the Night Train Express!! Great post!!!! (I apologize for my writing, but it’s hard to write on a bumpy night train!)

  10. Brian says:

    Its so funny to read this. I was just telling my friend to never drink the “Express” warm. I cooked chicken with it once, It was rancid. When I was in the Navy we drank this stuff just for fun and the next morning you hear that train in your head. I preferrred Cisco back in the day.

  11. Shannon says:

    That green bottle with the black label of Night Train is at least from the late 1980’s. That’s what I was drinking in Hollywood, CA, and it’s GNR’s fault I discovered it back then. I’d have like 2 of them and be out of my skull! Crazy stuff! Haven’t had any since those days. I should revisit the madness. Now to find it again. The search begins…

  12. Shirley says:

    Why did you stop makeing night train exspess?I miss my wine and want it back.PLEASE!
    P.S Im from K-Falls Or.

  13. Liz Huggins-Thompson says:

    Oh- memories coming back to me of Mad Dog and nights filled with Night Train or Thunderbird. We tried them all. Yes, Vile stuff. Driving around the state of NY (we called it cruisin’ then), a much needed pit stop on the side of the road, my friend pulled the Ford Falcon Van ( we called it the pooh bus ’cause it was Winnie the Pooh yellow) right near the metal rail so that when we climbed out of the van’s side door, we went, one right after the other, right over the rail and rolled down the steep hill directly on the other side, one guy peeing all over himself as he went along. heehee. It was pitch black and we couldn’t see each other to save our lives. Had to claw our drunken selves back up the hill.

  14. delbert says:

    ah yes -drank them all–ripple-swizel-md-thunderbird and ended up on WILD IRISH ROSE–song about that too—cracklin rosey by neil diamond–listen to the words–cool–i am old and gret now still drinking it-i think its the only thing keeping me alive. i buy it by the case now-saves trips to the liquer store!!!!—great site

  15. loufalce says:

    Night Train rules! The best of its lot. Even has a super cool 1930s style streamliner on the label.If you get sick on Night Train, you can`t handle it.

  16. fosters522 says:

    Me and eleven others hopped on the night train last night and rode it straight downhill to the biggest party night which none of use will ever remember! πŸ™‚

  17. joseph says:

    I’m a manager at a certain pharmacy in St. Joe Missouri, and as soon as i read this review I got Night Train on the shelf in my liquor aisle. It’s been ruining nights ever since. Thank you, i finally found an alcohol powerful enough to make me throw up. This. Stuff. Is. Legendary!

  18. corso says:

    Anybody in So.Cal. got a spot for this? Temecula area.

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