Moishe’s Falafel 46th and 6th Street Food


Moishe's falafel 46th and 6th ave

Moishe’s Falafel 46th and 6th Street Food

Location: Usually on the corner of W46th and 6th Avenue

Haven’t been hitting the street food circuit lately but my coworker Joe told me about Moishe’s so we walked down and checked it out last Friday. He says there’s normally a mob around this food cart but today it was relatively calm. Probably because we got there a little early around 11:20 AM and it was also the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Anyhow I ordered their famous Falafel for $4.25. For this price Moishe's falafel 46th and 6th ave it beats any other falafel in the Midtown vicinity as far as I know. It’s also competively priced below the normal Halal Chicken and Rice plates that retail for around $5.00 depending where you go. But the real difference is the taste. First off, these guys don’t mess around and stuff the pita with at least 6-8 giant sized falafels. It’s very fresh and still crispy after the 10 minute walk back to my office. Another co worker told me that it’s also ” Glatt Kosher ” which as she describes raises the bar in terms of Kosher food. Well all I have to say is that I am fully sold on this place. I’ll be sure to go back and check out his fruit shakes and other dishes soon.


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  1. Jim A. says:

    I used to come here almost everyday when I worked in the city. I have a blog with a post encouraging people who know what the “white sauce” is to comment. This is for my sanity as I am still addicted to “chicken over rice, double hot, double white”. great post!

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