How’s Your Lasagna? Ever Try Marie Callender’s?

How’s Your Lasagna? Ever Try Marie Callender’s?

I went to a food blogger dinner a few weeks ago that was hosted by Food TV’s George Duran and NBC’s Phil Lepert. It was in the west village, and we started with some fresh sangria and then headed downstairs for a formal dinner with the hosts.
We spoke about various food topics such as buying organic, CSA’s, and debating which supermarket chains are worth supporting (Trader Joe’s).
We also talked a lot about how to balance your meals not just with quality of foods (organic, local) but also prepared and non-prepared. Phil drove the conversational topics while George talked about the food we were enjoying. We started with a Strawberry Arugula Salad with honey balsamic vinegar, then main course of double stacked Italian Lasagna with pepperoni, seasoned beef, and sausage with four cheeses. The lasagna was served alongside herbed cheesy garlic bread. Finally we finished with a Mojito granita shot and a razzleberry pie a la mode.

Well, to our surpise the Lasagna and the Razzleberry Pie were both from Marie Callender’s. It surprised everyone in the room and was a lot better than I ever expected. Crazy!


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  1. Whaaaaaat? says:

    Dang dude… Marie Calendars??


    Go pure Italian bro!

    The Good Pizza – Westchester
    7929 Emerson Ave,
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

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