Hong Kong Dim Sum


dim sum hong kong kowloon

Hong Kong Dim Sum

2nd in a series of posts about eating out in Hong Kong / Kowloon. Well I have to say if we weren’t slurping down a bowl of congee we were picking up succulent pieces of dim sum a majority of the time in HK. It’s pretty easy to find a Dim Sum parlour in Hong Kong. I’ve put up a few posts about eating dim sum in New York and to my sad dismay, it will never taste the same again – I think you just have to go to HK to experience the real deal. Maybe it’s the quality of the meat, the seafood, or the experience of sharing the tabledim sum hong kong kowloon with all the locals. You can’t beat the cheap prices either. I don’t remember the name of this place but it was somewhere on Nathan Rd in TST. The decor kind of stood out from what I usually encounter at dim sum parlours – this place didn’t have the tacky dragon and phoenix decorations on the wall for banquets. Nice dark wood paneling, comfortable cushioned chairs, clean carpet, and tastefully placed spotlights. Hopefully this trend will soon follow in Chinese restaurants in the states. Still, no DJ booth like all the trendy Thai restaurants though. LOL


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  1. jen! says:

    i was just in HK in nov., and my auntie took us to that same dim sum place!

    i also like how almost everywhere, you’re given complimentary packets of moist towelettes.

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