Dosirak Korean Restaurant New York


dosirak korean restaurant new york

Dosirak Korean Restaurant

30 East 13th Street
(btw University Place and 5th Ave)
212 366 9299

So much for the sunny weather – it was a bit cold and raining today so Sing and I decided to get some spicy Korean food to help offset the chilly elements outdoors. Just over on 13th Street off of Union Square is a cozy Korean restaurant that is pretty much made for this type of day. It was once a pizza parlor and has its original brick oven which now serves as a fireplace to warm the interiors of the restaurant. The flyer found at the door of Dosirak has numerous reviews by Time Out Magazine, Zagat, etc. It says it’s in the heart of Greenwich Village but I would say it’s more of Union Square / New School / NYU . But who am I to say since I’ve only lived here for a few years?
dosirak korean restaurant new york

Getting back to the food. We ordered Kim chi chigae which is a spicy cabbage and tofu soup with tender pieces of pork served with a side of rice. It wasn’t too spicy and was really well done. It was served in a hot stone bowl that kept the soup at a very tasty temperature. Sometimes you order chigae and the spices are too overwhelming or it’s a little on the sour side but the spices in the chigae at Dosirak are more subtle and there is actually a slight sweet flavor to the broth as well.
dosirak korean restaurant new york

I got a plate of Bulgogi Japchae which is a plate of vermicelli noodles sauteed with Bulgogi (Grilled marinated slices of rib eye beef ), carrots, onions, green and red peppers served with a bowl of rice. A cup of wheat rice tea completed the meal. The Bulgogi marinade was a little on the sweet side for my tastes but beef was cooked just right and very tender and juicy.

dosirak korean restaurant new y0rk


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    I am a reporter working for Korea Herald, a newspaper stationed in Seoul, Korea and am doing a piece on Korean restaurants in New York. Trying to do e-mail interview or messenger interview with an American who likes Korean food. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Deadline is this Saturday.

    Question: Have you ever had ddukboki or ojinga bokkeum? If so, did you like it? Why? What do you like about Korean food?

  2. Jean Oh says:

    My e-mail address is

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