Picnic Garden – Korean BBQ Kalbi Buffet Flushing New York


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Picnic Garden – Korean BBQ Kalbi Buffet Flushing

Picnic Garden
147-42 Northern Blvd
Flushing Queens NY
718 886 5050

Person #1: Dude, No Way.
Person #2: Way, Dude.

Picnic Garden Korean BBQ is place that I really didn’t think existed in NY – great Korean BBQ at a low price + buffet all you can picnic garden, korean bbq, buffet, flushing korean, kalbi ribs eat style. Ok, so it’s a buffet which I didn’t really expect to be any good, but listen to this.

1) This place is run by actual Koreans (In otherwords, it’s not one of those imitation Cheap Chinese run restaurants – i.e. fake sushi, Korean, Thai, etc)
2) The customers are 90% Koreans
3) The food speaks for itself – they have Kalbi ribs, bulgogi beef, and marinated pork.
4) It’s just $20 a person

So before you say the quality probably sucks or it’s in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it is a hike out to Flushing but on the question of quality I would have to say that I was impressed. The Kalbi ribs, although a little thinner than you’d expect at most BBQ picnic garden, korean bbq, buffet, flushing korean, kalbi ribs restaurants, taste great. At the center of each table is a gas grill and a semi-powerful vent to suck up the smoke (don’t wear your best clothes cause they’ll smell like Korean BBQ for a few days). The service is also pretty impressive – on a pretty frequent basis, they come by and help you flip your meats and replace your grills. Then again, maybe from their own research this gets people to hurry up and eat and leave.

My only complaint and this is minor is that they don’t have the spicy Korean tofu soup “Shi Ge” or however you spell it. This, you’ll need to special order on the side. Enjoy!


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  1. Linda says:

    Sounds great!! But never had a chance to taste Korean food before..and now that I know, I would just love to try it out!!Cheers!! Have a great Valentine’s Day!!Linda

  2. bionicgrrl says:

    jigae just means stew/soup. tofu soup is soonduboo jigae.

  3. chocohalic says:

    My friends from Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other Asian countries all dined at this place. Though the customers are NOT 90% Korean, but this place is owned by Korean and really provides authentic Korean food!

  4. BigRuss says:

    Eat there all the time, definitly worth the money, food is amazing, service is good. CAN’T GO WRONG!!! Recommend it to anyone and everyone

  5. dee dee says:

    after they changed the new grill pan, you can smell a strong floral scent probably that’s the dish detergent left on the new grill pan. It is not acceptable!

  6. sarah says:

    amazing food at a great price. nice atmosphere. you can grill bbq squid, ribs, pork, etc. there’s also a bunch of other things to eat too.

  7. tracy says:

    I go there quite often. The price is great, the food is good, and the service is excellent. While eating/barbecueing, they switch out our grills at least 3 times, helping us cut the meat so that we are able to relax, enjoy the food, and hold a conversation. My only complaint is that you can tell the plates are washed REALLY quickly. Usually they are wet (you have to dry with a napkin) and occasionally not very clean. The customers are not 90% Korean (more like 60%). Try to be seated in the first room (where you enter) because it has the strong vents. The second room doesn’t have the vents and is a bit further from the food. Definitely worth the money and the wait usually isn’t too bad. They have parking but we are always able to find street parking before 7:30pm. I would recommend it for any night you want korean bbq.

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