Chinatown Tofu Lady – Fresh Tofu And Candy Ginger Tofu (Tofu Hua)

chinatown tofu lady - fresh tofu

NYC Chinatown Tofu Lady

Corner of Chrystie and Grand Street (D/B Subway Stop)

If you want to get your hands on the freshest Tofu, head down to Chinatown and find one of the many street vendors. One of our favorites is the Tofu Lady on the corner of Christie and Grand Street – Just outside of the b/d subway stop. She serves both regular soft tofu in slices for $1.50 and candy tofu for $1.

tofu lady fresh tofu chinatown nyc
Fresh Tofu In Chinatown

The sweet tofu ( Tofu hua) is scooped out of a fresh pot of soft tofu and includes the candy ginger sauce. All you need to do is pour the candy ginger sauce over the soft tofu, stir and enjoy. It’s good both cold and warm
fresh tofu lady ginger candy tofu

fresh tofu lady ginger candy tofu

Flying out to Hong Kong tomorrow. Look out for upcoming Plate Of The Day posts from Asia!!! Happy Holidays!


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  1. Zi Yen says:

    Nice, nice stuffs……..It’s call “to-fu hua” in Chinese, right? Using ginger syrup is more like a Chinese/ Taiwanese style or something. In Southeast Asia, we eat it with sugar/ brown sugar syrup.

  2. sam says:

    wat happened to her and all the other tofu street vendors? i’ve been looking for them every winter for the past two years and no sign of any.

    1. admin says:

      There’s 2 tofu shops on Grand off on each side of Bowery.

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