California Walnuts Media Cooking Event

California Walnuts Media Cooking Event


Recently did a cooking event for one of our clients, California Walnuts. It was hosted at the Wenyi cooking studio here in Beijing. We had about 20-30 media for the event. It started with an overview of walnuts from the spokesperson then it was the interactive session in the test kitchen. We made about 3 recipes, all with some Chinese twist. My favorite is the spicy coconut walnut recipe shown above.



Sweet and Spicy Coconut Walnut Recipe:

200 g of California walnuts
100 ml of water
100 g of shredded coconut
100 g of white sugar
5 g salt
30 g black pepper sauce
10 g red pepper ground
10 g Sichuan ground peppers

In a pan, combine water and sugar and let dissolve and place over medium heat. add in the black pepper sauce and the walnuts. Stir for several minutes then add in the red pepper and Sichuan peppers. Still till walnuts are slightly toasted. Add in the shredded coconuts and immediately take off the heat. Serve on a plate and enjoy!


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